“There’s NO PLACE Like Home for the Holidays…”

Ahhh yes, the holidays.

The time where families rush to find the perfect gifts. A time of giving, and a time well spent with love, family, and friends.

As I enjoy my second year of college winter break and being back in Santa Fe, I realized that there really isn’t any place like home. I was very eager to leave and “explore” all things not New Mexico, until I realized how much I really did miss the smell and taste of green chile.

Being away from home brings in new experiences such as, realizing that food isn’t automatically made when you get home. Or learning how to be creative on a budget. Even trying to avoid laundry because who carries 1.50 in quarters as a college student? Although I would always complain about how I don’t like growing up in a small city and especially one without a beach, I did learn to appreciate it because of the contrast that I live with now (ahhh yes, living in Denver).

Well, lets start off by saying this past quarter in Denver made me want to ship myself home because of how much I missed it. Not the town specifically, but the feeling of being home (and I guess, maybe the town a wee bit). I realized that all along I’ve been taking little things such as good tasting water and unlimited snacks at home for granted. Even the big things such as traffic and parking. I guess the one good thing that I’ve mastered from living in a big city is parallel parking and becoming a master of using google maps. I can’t tell anyone enough, THE FOOD is not the same. Call me picky, but traditional New Mexican food is THE BEST, and all other foods falls beneath it (except for Italian since pasta is #2 in my heart). Anyways, I feel as though the restaurants were less authentic and more chain-esque. I literally could only think of all the food I was going to eat when driving back home (sad, I know).

Lastly, I started to realize how much I missed home when I looked at my phone log, realizing that I called home almost every other day. Especially since, I felt that I needed to let my parents know unimportant things such as how much homework I had each day and what I ate for lunch. Yes, being somewhere new is fun and so exciting for the sake of adventure, but in turn there are many downsides as well.

-One way you can tell if your hometown has grown on you, is if everywhere you go is now compared to your hometown such as the food, traffic, and gas prices. Also, realizing how much of a relief it feels to actually go home and enjoy everything you once took for granted.

No matter how far away home is, there definitely is no place like home, ESPECIALLY for the holidays.

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