Long Time, No Blog :o

I’m back and ready to blog (again)!

The past few months have been extremely busy, in which I’ve had no time to do what I love ‘aka’ blogging/typing/free writing. Within the busy months I have been able to do some self reflecting and what some people call “Soul or life searching.”

I have really been into the idea of what I want to be doing after college & what kind of person I strive to be. In terms of finding out what kind of person I strive to become, I’m not referring to morphing into a person that is unrecognizable. I’m speaking more so in terms of figuring out what my true morals and values are, and learning about habits that are no longer suiting me (such as staying up to watch Netflix ’till 11pm, rather than going to bed early).

On the other hand, in terms of figuring out what I want to be doing after college, some people might say, “slow down, you’re barely a sophomore in college.” Yes, that is a valid statement, but after this quarter I will be declared a Junior ‘aka’ the year of figuring out whether to go to grad school, internships, and being closer to real life. I’m not saying college isn’t real life… but on a scale of being a co-dependant toddler to a full fledged adult, being in college is somewhere in the middle. Plus, I know that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being in an unfulfilling job and I know I DON’T want a corporate  typical 9-5 job (Unless I’m woking for myself, of course).

Many people say college is the time to learn about who you are as an individual, I do agree.. but can you REALLY get to know yourself if you’re constantly around the influence of others?

Last year in my Wellness Learning and Living Community, we went on a retreat and were required to spend 3 HOURS in the outdoors BY OURSELVES with no technology. “Well Molly, isn’t that a bit dangerous in respects to running into wildlife and and not having any electronics?” Yes, and yes.. I felt in that amount of 3 hours by myself, I was able to figure out things and get my questions answered that I’ve been wondering for a long time. Whether it was me going crazy for being by myself in the woods, or some introspective answers, I knew in that moment what I wanted and didn’t want.

Now, going back to my last statement about being around people constantly, and learning about who I am.. I decided to be more independent and do things that I would usually never think to do such as sitting alone, eating by myself, journaling, and doing new things (usually alone). It’s been an interesting journey thus far. It might be hard to find some alone, quality me time in college.. but it is possible.

I digress, although I’ll update on how my self-reflection stuff is going.  I’m excited to be back blogging since I have some new ideas as to where I want to take my platform and what I want to do.

Write ya later!! See you in the next post & thanks for reading.



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