Indecisiveness IS NOT Your Friend

Have you ever been with a group of people and NO ONE can decide on a good place to eat? Welp, that is the horrible thing called indecisiveness. I, for one, will admit that it has taken me so long to realize that nothing gets done when people (and myself) can’t make a decision. I think it’s hard for people to realize that not being able to make up one’s mind can be hindering to others. For example, my friend was being extremely indecisive on what she wanted from an on campus coffee shop & it took 15 minutes out of her and my time to get out of there. I could have left her in the coffee shop deciding, but we were going to work on our homework together. That might not seem like such a horrible incident… I mean, did I survive? Yes. Did I get things done? Yes. The point of this is to justify that it might be worth the time to practice being decisive, because time doesn’t stop for anyone and it’s always good to remember everyones time is valuable (so stop taking forever to make decisions and just decide.)


What is the benefit of being decisive? Why do I care?


Being decisive is a skill not many people have (or at least not many people I know have). In order to be a leader, one must be decisive. Why? Because leaders have to make tough decisions. They might take a while to make a decision, but they always have a choice made right on time. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by options which is a great thing, who doesn’t like variety? Variety can be valuable, but it’s also an indecisive persons worst enemy since they have more options to decide on. Although options are everywhere around us, it shouldn’t hinder our decision making skills, but rather make it easier. The thing is, we all know what we like. Sometimes we like to try new things, but the other half of the time we stay in our comfort zone and just pick what we already know and enjoy.

This is where the next question comes into play…


Why are some people so indecisive?


To be completely honest, from my experience and asking friends about it, people are usually indecisive because of the fear of making the wrong choices. Let’s say you’re at an ice cream shop with a friend and they’re taking forever to decide, why? Most likely because they don’t want to miss out on a great flavor or they’re afraid they will regret their decision.


Usually indecisiveness comes from the lack of self-confidence. I know some people would stop me right there and say I’m wrong, but if one was confident in themselves to make a decision, wouldn’t they be able to make a decision right away since they wouldn’t be afraid of what their outcome would be? Wouldn’t a confident person know that whatever the outcome is, they can use the outcome as a learning experience to figure out if it works or doesn’t work for them? Why be indecisive when you can have 500 lbs lifted off of your shoulders from making a decision right away. I’m not saying don’t weigh out pros and cons, but be confident in your decision making and know that whatever the outcome is, you can still learn and grow from it.

So listen to me or don’t, but remember time waits for no one and everyone’s time is valuable. Plus, it never hurts to be quick on your feet.

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