Food Review: Watercourse Foods





FOODS PICTURED: Top of picture is the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit w/ a side of mac ‘n’ cheese (vegan). Botton of picture is the Big Rig with sweet potatoes, and a biscuit on the side.

Overall review: Watercourse Foods is an all vegan place to eat. Both of the meals were very filling and the flavors of the food were so present with each bite being an adventure in itself. My friend who is a non-vegan fell in love with the flavor of the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit sandwich and she was convinced that it tastes the exact same as a regular pulled pork sandwich and was satisfied with the food. She also recommended the mac ‘n’ cheese, which I haven’t tried yet (review will be taken soon.) As for my food, the sweet potatoes were nice and crispy, just how I like them with a lot of flavor. The flavor resembles a bbq seasoning flavor which suited the rest of the meal pretty well. The gravy was very delicious, which is saying something since I’m not a big fan of gravy in the first place. The best part was being able to dunk the light fluffy biscuit into the gravy. The Tofu scramble was pretty good, with a lot of flavor which is usually hard for people to get right, especially with tofu scramble. Everything was seasoned to a T. As for the seitan steak, I wasn’t to big on the texture of the seitan, but the flavor was perfect. I’d definitely recommend both meals to anyone looking at trying some yummy vegan foods.

Environment of the restaurant: Watercourse Foods seems to be very busy every time I visit around 2-3ish. The service is usually pretty fast, with the waiters/ waitresses being very timely and friendly. If you want to be put on the rewards system, remember to ask before paying since they have to do everything before the full transaction. Other than that it’s a very lively place with really good energy.

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