Vegan Food Staples


Good afternoon everyone!!

Hopefully everyones day/morning/night is going amazing (depending on the time zone and when you’re reading this.) Today I decided to put together a special post about a few of my favorite food staples as a college vegan.

My vegan story is not at all linear and when I first went vegan I didn’t know what I was doing. I realized that doing more research probably would of been my best bet, but it was a learning process. Since becoming a vegan again, I realized that I would really want to stick with the lifestyle, so hopefully I can give some food-inspiration on meal ideas and what to eat, especially for everyones really busy lifestyles.

Food Pictured above and what I use each for-

  1. Organic coffee grinds (Nicaraguan medium roast) Whole Foods brand- I love to have my coffee in the morning, but I also like tea. Coffee nor tea isn’t essential in a vegan diet, but I thought I’d mention for all of my caffeine lovers. Also, if you really want a lot of caffeine in the morning go for a lighter roast. Most teas have caffeine, so just check the box but I love green and black tea.
  2. (Pictured behind the coffee grinds) Organic 365 Oats- Now, I am a huge fan of oatmeal in the morning. I like to especially make protein oats which contains: Oats, chocolate protein powder, almond butter, some type of fruit, maple syrup, cinnamon, and (optional) spirulina. I don’t have a blender in my apartment so I can’t make smoothies, but other breakfast options are vegan bagels w/peanut butter or topping of choice, vegan pancakes/ waffles, or even just regular cereal. *Note: There are more options to choose from, but I just wanted to list a few. *
  3. Organic Nuts & Berries- Okay look, I know nuts are expensive and they are not a must need…. but I STRONGLY recommend these (they’re a Costco brand), since they’re so easy to use as a snack or even put in the oatmeal! Nuts are also very filling and they have a good source of fat so “go nuts for these nuts.” (Quick thank you to my dad for getting me these, best snack ever.)
  4. (Pictured in front of the nuts) Tortillas- Ooooo…. So tortillas are great to have on hand because there are multiple ways you can use them. Tortillas are good for wraps, you can use them as a substitute for buns, they’re good to make vegan quesadillas, vegan taco wraps, and the list continues…. (HIGHLY recommend unless you prefer bread more.)
  5. Frozen fruit- You can have any type of fruit in all honesty, but I thoroughly enjoy frozen fruit as a dessert. Especially with maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon on top. YUM. As I said before though any type of fruit will do and it doesn’t have to be frozen. This is also perfect to put in oatmeal and tea (yum x2.)
  6. *Pictured behind the frozen fruit*- Bananas!!!- Yes, bananas are a vegans BFF. Why? You might ask… Well let me explain, first off they are perfect for anything- want a smoothie? Use a banana. Want to make a Pb&J? Add a banana. Hungry? Eat a banana. Bananas are perfect because they aren’t as acidic as apples or pineapple so you can use them in oatmeal and basically anything else. P.S. – They’re perfect for baking ;).
  7. *Pictured behind the bananas* Veggie patties- Ok yes, they’re not essential but I LOVE THEM. Plus they’re so easy to work with and throw a meal together with. Especially last minute or when on a time crunch. If you’re looking for something a little less processed home made veggie patties are alway SO GOOD! *Comment if you want maybe a veggie patty recipe*
  8. *Pictured next to the bananas* Beyond Meat Burger Patties- This is basically a repeat of #7, but I heard these patties are a must try, so of course I bought them.. I also have yet to try them… sooooooo we shall see how amazing they are. I will do a formal review and update everyone on what I thought about them.
  9. Tomatoes- Ok, so if you are healthful and want to snack on something unprocessed, veggies are a second go to (fruit comes in at #1.) I recommend carrots or tomatoes since either are good on its own. I decided to get tomatoes since I would be able to use them in wraps and  just casually snack on them when I’m hungry. Plus, they’re so good.
  10. *Pictured behind Beyond Meat Patties*- Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese- I’ve never had vegan mac ‘n’ cheese so I decided to buy these for two reasons. 1)To try it of course.. 2) This will be perfect for whenever I need to make a quick meal. This definitely isn’t an essential, and regular pasta with marinara sauce is just as good.
  11. Almond Butter- Look, nutter butter is just a must have for any vegan/ plant based person. This is the perfect spread for almost anything. Pb&J’s, In oatmeal, in smoothies, in parfaits, in acai bowl, and more!!!! Unless you’re allergic to nuts, I strongly recommend, just make sure you get nutter butter that doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients.
  12. Spinach- I love greens since they come in handy when wanting to make salads, wraps, or even just to sauté to add more flavor to certain dishes. I especially love to sauté them to put on top of pasta or mix in marinara sauce. (Yay for greens and health.)
  13. *On top of the spinach* MIYOKO’s spread- Okay look, I know it doesn’t seem like an essential item, but please I’m telling you try and give this spread a chance. It’s honestly SO GOOD. I fried some plantains and the spread suits it perfectly. It would also be perfect for crackers and in a sandwich. I am so skeptical to try new vegan spreads, but this one was worth the investment 100%. (Must try)
  14. Plantains- So I’ve been fed plantains since before I can remember and at first I didn’t like them. After awhile I acquired a taste for plantains and honestly THEY ARE SO GOOD! Especially as a snack, and I’m not saying this bc I’m biased FYI. Plantains go perfectly with the MIYOKO’s spread, beans, rice, and even by themselves.
  15. Mushrooms- If you refer to #12, you will know that I love to sauté and mushrooms go perfectly on top of salads, in wraps, and literally anywhere else. *(Even on pizza)* I just always keep mushrooms because I go through them fairly quickly since I place them on everything.
  16. Last, but not least- MATCHA- YUM, ok I’m so excited to talk about this one. I have a new found respect for all things tea now, where before I didn’t. Matcha has so many health benefits and YOU GUYS, it is PERFECT for in the mornings. You get your caffeine, a metabolism boost, and some antioxidants. Plus, if you put some berries in your tea, you will have an amazing immune system (this was my dads amazing idea.) Anyways I definitely recommend Matcha, or black tea for tea beverages (unless you’re sick then I’d recommend chamomile.)

So as this post comes to a close I wanted to reiterate that this is just a few of my essentials that I have handy, and I may update the page since I know that I am probably missing some things.

If you have any vegan recommendations please leave a comment below so I can try them!

Also, this post was not sponsored by any means and all opinions were my own honest opinions.

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Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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