Let’s Talk About Skin Care

Most people know, that skin care is important for keeping our skin looking radiant, youthful, and just overall amazing.

I’ll admit, before I stopped wearing foundations and powders, I’d fall asleep with my makeup on and I’d tell myself that I have a few more years until I should start cracking down on my skin care protocol. Plus, I figured that if I broke out from wearing the makeup over night, I could put some more on my new found pimples (HA how naive, right?)

However, when I started taking my skin care routine more seriously, I realized that it’s a whole new world and people started to admire my skin everywhere I went.

Now first let me give some quick tips on skin care before I start recommending brands and all of that other fun stuff.

  1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER– Ok, this one is a no brainer but whenever I have my head in the clouds and forget that water is essential for human existence, I later regret my wrongdoing of not drinking water. My face gets inflamed (not a pretty sight) , especially under my eyes and then my skin goes crazy and I break out everywhere. Story short, drink water we’re made up of about 60 percent water, so I think we should just come to an agreement that we need to be replenishing ourselves with what we’re (mostly) made of.


2.  TAKE OFF THE MAKEUP BEFORE BED– Yes, you heard me. Washing your face and removing makeup helps let your skin breathe. In an article by Good House Keeping they reference a dermatologist saying, “Dirt and makeup trapped against your skin cause environmentally-induced oxidative damage,” says Dr. Chiu. “This leads to a breakdown of the skin barrier and prematurely ages your face.”” I mean the pros outweigh the cons, removing makeup= less breakouts, no premature aging, no infections.. and so on. Plus, your pillowcase won’t have to be washed as often since makeup will no longer be smeared all over it. 🙂

3.  Use skincare products that don’t have so many toxic chemicals, shoot for organic, paraben free, or formaldehyde free (or all three, the less toxins the merrier your skin.) Now look, I know that sometimes these types of products can be expensive, but personally I think investing in healthy skin is soooooo worth it. The reason why I like organic products is because my skin is sensitive and plus I don’t like the idea of putting toxic chemicals on my face or near my body.. because why would one do that to themselves in the first place? Plus, investing in coconut oil and apple cider vinegar might be cheaper and they get the job done… and they aren’t processed with a bunch of unwanted ingredients.

4. Dark spots? Use Apple Cider Vinegar- ACV is known to be used as a drying agent to help dry out and fade dark &brown spots on the face. It also cleanses the skin by removing dirt, and other toxins causing damage to the skin ,and it lightens up the skin’s uneven skin tone. There are more benefits to using ACV, but just remember that if you do use this on your face, to dilute it (with water of course.) ACV works as a great toner, FYI.

5. Sun protection- Mayo clinic reminds us that, “A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.” So be preventative and remember that although vitamin D is great, lots of exposure can be damaging.

6. Sleep, sleep, sleep, and stop stressing so much– Sleep is our bodies way of rejuvenating itself and our bodies go into repair mode. Not enough sleep causes blood vessels in the body to expand and the blood pool usually sets in, under the eyes (which cause dark puffy circles under the eye.) No one wants that, plus not enough sleep can lead to brain fog, which is a whole different article in itself. With the stress part, being stressed out can cause a chemical response in the body which makes the skin more sensitive and reactive ‘aka’ breaking out a lot, and not being able to clear up the skin no matter how hard one tries.



My recommendations are mainly all cruelty free, vegan, & the ingredients are non-toxic and just overall amazing. I really do recommend these brands and this is not sponsored. All opinions are my own and guys, I really do think these brands are phenomenal:



This brand is the featured image in my post, and the products are made to order. Rosemira is one of the only companies that I found that is 98% vegan and almost 100% organic. My skin has cleared so much from using the cleanser and moisturizers and I definitely think that everyone should take a look at the website and checkout everything that Rosemira has to offer. IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Link to the website: https://www.rosemira.com


S.W. Has many cool things to offer and I’ve bought a body scrub and cleanser from their website. They’re all organic and best of all, vegan. The body scrub smells amazing as do most of their products. Those prone to acne, and skin problems should definitely invest in the cleanser as it helps clear up the skin (I can attest to this although I don’t have too many frequent skin problems.)

Screen_shot_2015-02-20_at_1.51.59_PM.png (Picture directly from S.W. Basics website.)

Link- https://store.swbasicsofbk.com/products/cleanser

100% PURE-

Now this brand is of course 100% vegan and Non-GMO. They carry makeup and other great stuff such as toners, SPF, and cleansers. I haven’t yet tried, but a fellow blogger introduced me to the brand, which I will definitely have to try and the reviews on their website are really great.

100% PURE

Link – https://www.100percentpure.com


Nourish Organic – 

So this brand is constantly being praised and recommended to me. Nourish Organic prides itself being certified organic, cruelty free, recyclable, gluten free, vegan, and eco-friendly. The have everything from face creams, to body wash, to deodorant. You can buy   some of their items on amazon, or directly from their website. MUST TRY.

Nourish Organic

Link: https://www.nourishorganic.com



Thanks for stopping by and reading another blog post.

If you have any recommendations of skin care products I should try, please feel free to comment or send me a message.



Escobar, Sam. “6 Awful Things That Happen When You Sleep in Your Makeup.” Good Housekeeping, Good Housekeeping, 21 Mar. 2018, http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/anti-aging/a35556/why-is-sleeping-in-makeup-bad/.

“5 Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin.” Mayo Clinic, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 12 Jan. 2018, http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/skin-care/art-20048237.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Skin Care

  1. I totally agree with all your skincare tips! I follow them myself. As for organic products, have you tried Eminence? I am in love with their Stone Crop Cleansing Oil. They are an amazing organic line. I can’t wait to try your recommendations!
    Wishing you beautiful skin,


    1. I will definitely try and check out Eminence (especially the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil) I love cleansers. Thank you so much for your suggestion & yes! Let me know what you think of my recommendations or if you have any tips and tricks yourself :).
      Wishing you beautiful radiant skin as well! Best,

      Liked by 1 person

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