Nooch Vegan Market: Everything You Need to Know + Review

📍 Denver, Colorado

Type: small grocery market (Pictured below: Outside and inside view.)

thumbnail-14  thumbnail-15

Nooch is a small vegan market, that carries everything a vegan could want, but without the produce. The variety ranges from vegan faux plant based meats to lotions and bags, to many choices of  vegan desserts (and everything in between.)

***Disclaimer- Parking on a side street is essential since it is in an area that doesn’t have a parking lot. (It’s pretty easy to find parking & the area is pretty cool too.)

If you’re hungry right then and there they do carry protein bars, and food from an all vegan food truck named Wong Way Veg. Wong Way Veg is usually at Nooch on Thursday afternoons and they also have other cool locations.

(here is a link for more info on the food truck) –

The awesome thing about Nooch is that they have everything you would need to cook with as a vegan such as tahini, and other condiments that would be hard to find elsewhere (it’s all in one location, how convenient!).

The staff is super helpful and nice, they gave me some good tips on making vegan meals and even just with living the vegan lifestyle. (They gave me a name of a website that’s vegan and has really nice handbags, so if you’re feeling fancy check out JE PEI. The lining they use is made from 100% recycled bottles, HOW COOL!!!!)

When I went, Nooch was not busy and pretty empty (probably because I went @ 3 when it was raining.) But the environment is very nice with hip music playing in the background.

9.5/10 (Prices are somewhat expensive, but it’s worth it.)



Wong Way Burrito

I didn’t realize until after I purchased that the burrito wasn’t only BBQ Jackfruit, it also had VEGAN MAC ‘n’ CHEESE!! Yes, you read that right… It was really interesting. I definitely enjoyed the jackfruit. I felt as though the Mac ‘n’ Cheese was definitely good, but it added a weird flavor to the mix. I really want to go back and try more of Wong Way’s food.

Rate- 7/10 for flavor & 10/10 for creativity.


Ok, disclaimer: THIS IS MY FAVORITE COOKIE DOUGH!!!! I had to give the disclaimer because I already knew about this cookie dough and I will probably have a bias when it comes to rating Alpendough. Although it is expensive (about $6), it’s SOOOOOOO good. I honestly prefer eating it raw (which you can) rather than baking it.  They use coconut oil instead of other oils and its very addicting (you’ve been warned.) Other flavors include snickerdoodle & double chocolate chip .

link (just in case you want to order some) –

Rate- 10/10

Overall- I loved visiting and although I probably wouldn’t go to Nooch every week (because $$$), I definitely will go back and visit to try more stuff. I recommend checking this place out when in Denver.

Nooch is small, cool, hip, and local.




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