Inspiration for Thursday


Happy Thursday!! So I wanted to share this picture because I slowly realized that many people do things only for the approval of others, but is it really your life if you’re living it the way other people want you to live it, not the way you desire? Live the way you want, do things you so desire. Live your life unapologetically to the fullest, for you and only you.

Yes, I know that may sound extremely selfish. I’m not saying to forget about everyone else and their opinion, I’m trying to say that the way you live your life should be the based around the things that make you happy and that are truly authentically you.

This past year I realized that I was living my life for others. I didn’t want to be judged so I would do things that I wouldn’t be judged upon doing. I didn’t blog, I wouldn’t post pictures of what I truly loved, I also wouldn’t do things by myself because I was worried about being judged for being “alone or lonely” such as going to the movie theaters alone, or going to eat alone. I really do love being alone sometimes, and sitting with my thoughts in silence, but I felt as though others would be very judgmental.

I came to terms that the only thing that was inhibiting me from doing what I loved and being 100% me was my ideology that I had to “please others” or do what was expected by the people around me. That realization was then so freeing. I realized that what people think or say about me has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with them. Just remember:  Stop wondering if people are judging or talking about you because that is soul draining and if they are, it has nothing to do with who you really are.

Life is too short to hide your deepest passions and decide that you won’t pursue them because you’re afraid of being ridiculed. Want to write a book? Go on a solo vacation across the country? Learn a new language? Pursue your passion for cooking? If so, write that book, go on that vacation, learn that new language, and pursue that passion for cooking. No one is stopping you other than your limiting beliefs.

There is so much in life to experience, are you pursing everything you want to pursue and living your best life every single day? Or are you living in the shadows of others not enjoying the present and living for the future?

Be you, be the best you that you can be, because the earth will only get to have a person like you once and that time is now.

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