Seven Things Sunday: Week of April 30th

It’s Sunday! If you’re following me on Instagram you know that I wanted to put together a new project called “Seven Things Sunday.” This entails me gathering 7 things that I am grateful for throughout the week each day and writing a few sentences as to why I am grateful for these specific things, places, etc..

Why am I doing this? Well for starters, it is so easy to get caught up on everything that is going wrong rather than right. I don’t want a mindset of lack, I’d rather have a mindset of abundance to remind me to stay positive because there is wayyyyy more to be thankful about than there is to complain about. Where focus goes, energy flows and I want to surround those around me with positive energy and attract more goodness and positivity rather than negativity in my life.

So here is my list of gratitude for this week:


Monday: I got a wonderful drip light roast coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver. The coffee was very strong (Just how I like it) & the weather was pretty good. The perfect way to start my morning to fuel me for the day. I am so grateful for Kaladi and the friendly staff that can whip up some amazing coffee.


Tuesday:  A few friends of mine wanted to go to Watercourse Foods to try the vegan shakes. Let me say, this place is amazing. Everything on the menu is phenomenal (especially the cakes.) I owe many thanks for those who open up vegan/ plant based restaurants so that I can try the abundance of yummy foods that I probably wouldn’t make myself on a regular basis. Yay for Watercourse & amazing company.



Wednesday: Many people might disagree with me on this one, but I absolutely love the rain, snow, sunshine, all of it. I was so happy to see the clouds and the amount of moisture that Denver was getting. I was grateful for being able to smell the rain and walk in it on the way to class. Isn’t it so cool that one of the most essential things for human existence falls from the sky to nourish the earth?


Thursday:  I randomly had an impulse to reach out to a friend to ask how she was doing, and she invited, as well as informed me about an event that was being held later that night. I had such a blast, and I am so glad that I acted on that random impulse (maybe my intuition) to reach out and see how she was doing (although I didn’t end up seeing her that night). I ran into a few other friends and danced/ sang for three hours, although I had a midterm the following day (but thats besides the point.) Love love love being with my lovely friends and venturing out.


Friday: I had this recollection of a coffee shop that I went to my Freshman year, that I almost completely forgot about. I wanted to get work done but in an environment far away from school. I ended up driving to Thump Coffee and I even got a parking spot right in the front of the coffee shop. The coffee was strong and the environment was amazing!!! The look of the place is amazing and I recommend this strongly to anyone who is a coffee lover. Very grateful for cool coffee shops like this.



Saturday:  I went on an adventure with a friend to checkout the secret library that not many people know about on campus and I am so thankful that she reminded me that this library exists (new study spot) & I am also happy that I was able to spend time with some friends, get some work done, and share some laughs.


Sunday: Alas, todays gratefulness post. I was walking around pearl street near campus with a friend and I was grateful for so many things, first it was nice and warm outside with a cool breeze (about 80 degrees.) Next, So many people were out walking with their kids, dogs, significant others, and it was just so nice to see people admiring and taking advantage of this lovely day. Lastly, I saw the abundance of green and plants that was everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of the flowers and how beautiful the gardens in front of houses were, so I snapped a quick photo of some beautiful flowers that I saw today.


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