Why I Stopped Wearing Make-Up

Let me start off by saying this was not an easy thing for me to do. I love makeup and think it’s fun and a great way to express oneself. With that being said, I also think it is important to ask oneself “Why am I wearing make-up” & “Am I wearing makeup to hide my insecurities?”

Let me give some back story as to why I stopped wearing it and the thoughts that were running through my head (just so you can understand where I am coming from).

So one day I was getting ready to go to the gym & lo and behold I realized I was wearing make-up TO GO TO THE GYM. WHY??? I did some reflecting and I kept asking myself why I felt the need to always wear make-up. Even if I was only running errands I always felt like makeup was the only way I could present myself. What I mean by me wearing make up is putting on the whole enchilada such as foundations, mascara, highlighter, contour, powder, eyeshadow, etc… After a few days of reflection the thought came to me. I was so used to what I looked like with make up on that I started to become insecure with how I looked without it. I also realized that I wanted to wear makeup because I was lagging on the skin care department (aka washing my face every night etc..) and thought “who needs skin care when you have makeup to cover up every pimple & breakout.”

After I educated myself and learned about skin care, I wanted to finally let my skin breathe and become FULLY confident in my own skin.

I realized I used to spend SO MUCH money on makeup which in hindsight is so unnecessary, especially since I was buying makeup from a place of needing to hide my “imperfections.” I not only was able to save my money, but my skin cleared up within a week and a half of not wearing makeup. I also noticed that the inflammation in my face decreased especially around my eyes. My pores decreased within a month of not wearing makeup & my skin is overall so much healthier & brighter.

In terms of confidence, I don’t feel a need to wear makeup every single day especially since I’m so happy with how my skin is looking. When I first started not wearing makeup though, I didn’t want to go out in public and didn’t want to let the world soak in my natural beauty, but I slowly got accustomed to being able to embrace how I look without all of the glitz and glam.

I learned a lot about myself when I stopped wearing makeup. After growing the seed of confidence and looking deeper into my thoughts, I felt as though I wasn’t being my authentic self and that makeup was a mask I was using to hide who I truly am as a person. I’m not saying that I was being “fake” but I’m talking more around the lines of being too scared to get out of my comfort zone and speak up when I disagree or have something to say. I usually didn’t like the idea of speaking up or doing things that made me stand out even if I truly had a passion for them (i.e. going to the farmers market by myself, being alone, expressing my passion for writing ‘aka’ this blog). I feared the idea of drawing attention to myself and that was a bigger problem than makeup itself, but it was a huge realization I had after I stopped wearing makeup and started to intensively pay attention to my behaviors.

I’m not saying that a breakthrough will occur once one stops wearing make-up, it’s nice to step back and realize that society does put a lot of pressure on women to wear makeup, no I’m not blaming society, but if you think about your behaviors and why you do things habitually it’s usually either tied to society, or self. In this case my makeup usage was tied to both and I needed time to reflect.

If anyone reading this blog is thinking about not wearing makeup anymore, remember that it’s possible and you can do it. Those “imperfections” that everyone talks about is what makes us who we are and shows that we are all different and unique. Being different is never a bad thing, in fact it’s wayyyyy better than being a copy and paste of someone who you’re not. *I didn’t mean to get really deep in this post, but I just wanted to write what I was feeling. *

Remember that skin care is essential and giving up makeup means being proactive and taking care of the skin as much as possible because its the largest organ! (Skin care is still essential even if you do still wear make up).

I like the way I look without makeup, but recently I’ve been wearing mascara (vegan) and Lipstick (also vegan). You might be wondering why, especially after I just gave the whole spiel, but I felt as though I didn’t want to give up makeup forever & that I, on my part, did what I wanted to do in terms of building my confidence and loving my natural beauty. I love putting on makeup and my mindset as of right now is that I want to enhance my features, not hide or cover anything up. Wearing makeup for empowerment is something I’m all for. To me, “less is more.”

If anyone has any comments or questions feel free to contact me!:)

Happy Monday, have an amazing day.

Picture: Non edited photo of me without makeup showing how well my skin cleared up. (unfortunately I don’t have a before picture)


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