Kaua’i Trip Recommendations: Part 1- Food


This post is all about the most unforgettable trip that I went on this past summer. As I write this, in snowy twenty degree weather, it’s hard not to reminisce about the amazing weather experienced in Kauai, and trust me I don’t enjoy really hot weather or even when I can feel the humidity drenching my clothes, but nonetheless the weather in Kauai was super nice and the skies were overcast most of the time I was there. So I would recommend visiting in late July. The rest of the details about the trip will be down below. This will also be in two parts, part one will be all about the food recommendations and part two will be about recommended places that one should go to when in Kauai.



Flying out to Kauai!

First thing is first, our flights left around 9 am, Kauai is about 4 hours behind Mountain time, and it also took about nine hours to get there (including the one stop) that my family and I had. By the time we arrived in Kauai it was around 2 pm.

Luckily my family rented a car (which I highly suggest to be able to explore the whole island), because we were able to travel around at our leisure and also spend a lot of the time at different parts of the island instead of staying stagnant in one place. *One important thing to know is Kauai is somewhat spread out so it is hard to travel around to different areas without some form of transportation. Unless of course you desire to stay in a specific area of Kauai (such as Poipu) or at a resort.

We ended up staying with my uncle, which definitely helped when it came to cutting down the overall cost of the trip, and learning more about the island (such as where to go/ eat/shop.) We bought groceries and ate quite a bit in the house we were staying in, but I still do have some food recommendations for you all. So when it comes down to the food I recommend I have 4 good places:

1st: Porky’s

Porky’s number 2

This food truck has a few spots (Waimea, Kapaa, and Hanapepe) where they will serve up their delicious, yet simple 3 choice menu. Porky’s has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on Yelp, if that doesn’t convince you to go I don’t know what will. Also, they are ranked #1 in Kauai on Trip Advisor. I can attest, the food is amazing and you will probably dream of porky’s when you leave Kauai. The three menu options are number one (pineapple sausage), number two (beef dog), and number three (grilled cheese). Number one is phenomenal and I would definitely advise. Number one and two incorporate pineapple flavors with the shredded pork (which is nicely served on top of the sausage.) All of the menu items are topped with sautéed onions and bbq sauce. I haven’t tried the grilled cheese, so I can’t really give any info as to whether or not it is recommended.  The service is quick and you get to sit outside on a nice table and enjoy the views of Kauai.

2nd: Kiawe Roots

Kiawe Roots was recommended by my uncle who said this restaurant had amazing pork, so of course it was on my parents “must try” list. This restaurant is located in a shopping/ restaurant strip called Shops at Kukuiula, it is right above Tortilla Republic. The restaurant has the customers order at the front before they are seated. Also, it is vegetarian/ vegan friendly which is always a plus (but it is important to note that it is definitely more of a meat eatery.) I was happy that we were seated close to the balcony because  we had a wonderful view the ocean that was ways away. The food was really good, I got the pulled pork sandwich with house potatoes chips and the food definitely reached everyones expectations. The service was pretty good, with reasonable menu prices. I would recommend if you are near the Poipu area.


3rd: The Coconut Cup Juice Bar and Cafe

One thing I wanted to eat before we left was an açaí bowl, and I got just that. The açaí bowl surpassed all of my expectations and was very filling. I am glad that it was generously sized, because usually I don’t get full from smoothie bowls. The ladies working the cafe put a generous amount of toppings and they were pretty quick getting my order out. Everything on the menu looked very good from the smoothies to the smoothie bowls. They had a nice outside seating area, but there wasn’t any bathrooms around so keep that in mind if you have a small bladder like myself. There are also other shops in the Kapaa area to walk around & explore if that’s something you’re interested in .thumbnail-14.jpeg

4th: Coconut Corner in Waimea

Coconut corner was the quick stop that was taken before the Waimea Canyon hike. We purchased coconuts and as you can see, it was obviously a good purchase according to the grin on my face. Coconut corner also had other fruits, actually they had a lot to choose from. The nice thing about purchasing the coconuts is that after you drink the water, you can take it back to the front counter and ask them to open it so that you can eat the coconut meat (YUM.) There was 5 of us and my dad bought either 3 or 4 coconuts which turned out to be WAY to much since the meat is extremely filling. Also it is important not to eat too much coconut meat because it can potentially cause an upset stomach. Coconut corner had other menu items, but I think the fruit is definitely something that I recommend since it’s all so fresh and there is a great variety.

Enjoying some quality coconut water


Like I said in the beginning, we didn’t eat out too much since we would cook our own meals, but these are places I would recommend.

*Shaved ice is super popular and I would recommend giving it a try although some people don’t care to much for it, but it’s a wonderful way to cool off.

Part two- Places will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading and catch you in the next post.


Links for all of the places listed above:






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