Miami, Florida : Summer 2018 Adventures

Now, first and foremost… I realized I forgot to write about one of the most important trips I had this past summer.

You may be wondering, “why was going to Miami so important?”

  1. This is the first trip I took without my family sooo… I was **”adulting” more than I was used to on trips/vacations.
  2. I went with one of my friends, which going on a trip with friends is a whole other blog post in itself and definitely a new experience.


**Adulting- the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

To start I enjoy spontaneity, but I do also like having a plan in the back of my mind of what I will be doing during every trip I go on. This trip on the other hand was spontaneity at its finest. 

One evening my friend texted me about going to see Taylor Swift in concert, which I agreed would be a great idea (although I don’t listen to her songs often.) The one thing I didn’t realize was that she wanted to see Taylor Swift in Miami.

At first I was playing along saying “yeah I will get my ticket now, it’ll be so fun.” What  I didn’t realize was how dead serious she was and she bought her ticket, which meant I had to be a good friend and also buy mine so she wouldn’t be in Miami by herself.

I was feeling semi- unconfident in myself when it came to planning things and traveling without my parents (as funny as that sounds.) I thought about not going, but then I realized something….

WHY would I be trying to talk myself out of it?

Traveling is so important to me and seeing the world is definitely something I try to prioritize. Finally I found a hotel in South Beach, booked it.. then I also booked my flight ticket and I was on my way.

I will probably write another blog post on what I learned from traveling with a friend and how to prepare for that, but for now  I am going to focus on the glorious Miami.

My friend Hannah and I, stayed at the Riviera Hotel South Beach which was only a minute walk from the beach, the hotel wasn’t bad, but it was perfect for 2 college students on a budget whom wanted to be right by the water.

Don’t even get me started about the humidity, but the sunsets made up for that.

The beautiful Miami sky on the top of the hotel.

There was a strip of stores on Lincoln Road which is where we spent a lot of our time (FYI: this trip was basically 2 full days in Miami.)

The first day consisted of walking around, going to the beach, and shopping. It also consisted of buying a lot of sunscreen and bottles of water because as everyone knows, Florida weather is unlike anything else.

The second day was concert time.

Before the concert we spent some time at Lincoln Road getting some last minute items and breakfast then headed over to Aventura Mall near the Hard Rock Stadium, just to be closer to the concert Venue. The mall was massive and we were there for almost 4 hours. I ate at Shake Shack (I still wish I got Cuban food instead) and then finally headed over to the Hard Rock Stadium.

Before the concert!


Finally it was concert time and it slowly started to hit me that the Miami adventures were coming to a close. The concert was a rating of 9/10, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello really put on a show.

The end of a really great concert

After the concert a slight mishap took over and all of the Ubers were taken, but luckily Hannah was able to get a Lyft which the driver was so patient, thank goodness.

Backstory: A storm hit after the concert and traffic was backed up. Our Lyft stayed 3 hours in traffic and a thunderstorm storm, just to get to us.

When we got in our Lyft we met a really cool Australian couple who was traveling around the US and our Lyft driver was talking about his travels. I met some really great people along this Miami adventure.

The next day we had to leave at 6 am to go to the airport, and we were back in Denver before we knew it. I drove back home to Santa Fe which was an extra 6 hours and I was so grateful to be home, but I was also so happy to have that experience and memory of Miami that I will always cherish.

Although all of this was planned on a whim, I learned that a lot of the best things and best memories are spontaneous ( I also met some of the best people on that trip too.) I had such a great time and built the confidence in myself to navigate through a new place and learned most importantly patience is the key to traveling.


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