My Last Minute Decision to go Abroad

Hey all,

After countless hours of being wishy washy and trying to talk myself out of studying abroad, I made a decision…

I will be going to ESPAÑA in less than a month (and I will be blogging about it)!!!

Now listen, I get so many questions such as, “why did you decide last minute as a rising senior?” or “why Spain?” I get it, for most people who know me I would be one to pass up an opportunity to go abroad since the logical side of me would come up with 5,000 ideas as to why it is a bad idea or “risky.” That is the exact reason why I was drawn to go abroad and explore the world.

Now look, this decision was hard to make because I knew in the back of my mind that I don’t know anyone in my study abroad program, and I have never traveled alone. At the same time there was something that seemed wonderful about making new friends, becoming more independent, and growing my perspective.

This is also an example of how life will throw countless opportunities in everyones way. Sometimes they may seem far fetched or very scary, but those who take them are always rewarded with an experience of a life time. Sometimes it is easy to pass up an opportunity because of the countless excuses our brains like to make up, but in the end we grow as people, ignite new relationships, and learn so much through new opportunities.

As to why I chose Spain, I know that I want to better my Spanish and learn more about Spanish culture (also, my study abroad advisor had me at “tapas”). For awhile I thought, “hmm maybe Canada since it is close to home..” but then I realized that going abroad meant doing something that was scary and would push me so far out of my comfort zone that I knew that I could take on anything in my way.

Like the saying goes, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Whether or not this post is relatable, we make decisions EVERYDAY. A lot of the time people get hung up on this idea of a “right decision,” but I think if it isn’t hurting anyone then one needs to realize there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision. A decision is what we make it and it is important to own up to the decisions we make and not dwell on the “what if’s”. We need to do what makes out hearts happy, and gets us scared at the same time because that is when we grow as individuals.

I can’t wait to soon share more of my experience of life abroad, but for now I will leave a great quote by Michelle Obama below.

Happy Tuesday!!


Photo Credit: “10 Michelle Obama Quotes We Need Now More Than Ever.” Pinterest,




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