Failures DON’T Define You

We all have those times in life when we are eager for a new opportunity that is coming our way, we even may start planning for the future by making room for that opportunity in our life.

Then, when we least expect it, it doesn’t work out and the path that seemed to lead straight to where we want to go is now saying something along the lines of, “Detour, road closed ahead.”

Experiences like these are not only humbling, but can also be confusing since one may start putting the blame on themselves, wondering, “am I not good enough?” There could be a HUGE sign saying ‘DETOUR’, and even if we are so close to that huge goal and all we have to do is take a slight detour, most people will turn around because they don’t want the burden of failing.

I find it interesting that people think of failure as such a bad thing. I mean it definitely can be an ego blow, but imagine if Jack Canfield or Henry Ford gave up after their first bumps in the road?

What defines people isn’t the amount of failures that they have encountered, but what they choose to do afterwards with it and the attitudes they continue to hold about their dreams. If someone tells you that you should quit and that you can’t follow your passions, show them that you can! Keep believing in yourself and your capability to accomplish your ambitions.

It is so easy to be cheerleaders for others and help to keep others motivated, yet when it comes to our own goals we treat ourselves like bullies that you see in the movies. We tell ourselves, whom deep down we know has great potential, that we aren’t worthy of anything, just as bullies tell other kids.

If there is a roadblock, look at it for what it is, only a temporary obstacle.

Afterwards pivot and take that detour. Believe in yourself because if you don’t, nobody will. Know that you are worthy and no matter how many times people say “give up already” look at them and tell them thank you because that is only a reflection of themselves, not of you. It shows that they don’t have the persistence, dedication, nor belief to live out their dreams.

Pave the road that you want to take and live out your own dreams.

Remember that you only fail when you stop trying, and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You ARE worthy.




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